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Prevent Poisoning In the Home

Poisoning in the home is, unfortunately, a very common thing to occur. Out of the over two million calls a year Poison Control receives, over 80% of the calls are related to children. It’s important that we keep our homes safe for our children. Listed below are some tips to preventing poisoning within your home. […]

Avoid These 6 Most Common Home Accidents

Accidents happen every day in people’s lives, whether at home or out in public. While accidents can occur anywhere and to anyone, some of the most common and even the most dangerous ones occur at home. Below is a list of some of the most common accidents that take place in the home. 1. Falling […]

How to Teach Your Kids About Safety

Kids are often very curious and sometimes aren’t very aware that there are numerous dangers surrounding us every day. It’s important that we get our kids to be conscious of dangers to help keep them safe. Listed below are steps to ensure that your children are conscientious about their own safety in and around your […]

Avoiding Electrical Dangers

With our heavy reliance on electricity, we all need to be cautious of the electrical use in our homes. Knowing the way electricity can be a danger to you and your family and how you can keep your home safe is vital. Listed below are some of the most common electricity dangers in the home […]

Practicing Fire Safety In Your Home

Fires unfortunately occur in homes all the time. It’s important that we know what to do if a fire breaks out in our home, but it’s also essential to know how to prevent a fire from happening in the first place. Listed below are some tips to follow to ensure the safety of you, your […]

How to Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Many accident occur in the bathroom every year. It’s been proven that bathroom accidents are the most common accidents of any room in the home. Listed below are ways that you can help prevent accidents, whether serious or minor, from happening in your bathroom. 1. Clean up any wet spots on the floor as soon […]

How to Safety-Proof Children’s Rooms

A bedroom should be a safe place to be in. When arranging your child’s room, you want to be sure that there is no chance for a dangerous accident to happen. To help ensure that your child is the safest that he or she can be in their bedroom, follow these tips. 0-3 Year Old’s […]

How to Keep Your Home Safe

It’s important to all of us that our home be considered safe. Accidents happen all the time within the home, though. Listed below are several tips to follow to ensure safety in each room of your house. In the Kitchen Keep flammable objects away from the stove. Do not let oven mitts, paper towels, etc. come […]

Prevent Injuries in the Kitchen

It’s important that we all practice good safety everywhere, but especially in the kitchen. Awful accidents have happened in kitchens, and it’s essential that we prevent them from happening to ourselves. Below is a list of tips to follow to ensure you’re being as safe as you can be in the kitchen. 1. Make sure […]

A Woman Saw a Child in a Hot Car and Decided to Step In by Smashing the Window

Author: themomsandthecity Kristy Scales was in a Kansas shopping center parking lot on Saturday when she heard people screaming and saw crowding around a vehicle – a 2-year-old was locked in the car. She immediately ran closer to the car, which had the windows rolled up and started recording a