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Prevent Poisoning In the Home

Poisoning in the home is, unfortunately, a very common thing to occur. Out of the over two million calls a year Poison Control receives, over 80% of the calls are related to children. It’s important that we keep our homes safe for our children. Listed below are some tips to preventing poisoning within your home. […]

How to Teach Your Kids About Safety

Kids are often very curious and sometimes aren’t very aware that there are numerous dangers surrounding us every day. It’s important that we get our kids to be conscious of dangers to help keep them safe. Listed below are steps to ensure that your children are conscientious about their own safety in and around your […]

Celebrate Autumn with these Fun Activities!

Author: harpercollinschildrens In CONNECT THE STARS, misfits Audrey and Aaron are sent off to wilderness camp where they begin an epic journey of discovery. But you and your children can have plenty of adventures right in your own home this fall with these activities that require minimal supplies, and a

Autumn Home Decor Inspiration

Happy Autumn Everyone! Do you all have your fall home decor up yet? If you are one of those people who likes to decorate for the season, and you’re in need of some new inspiration, check out these cool ideas! From pumpkins, to colorful crispy leaves… there are many ways to decorate for fall! If […]

Fitting in your fitness: How 5 busy moms make time to work out

Author: titleboxingclubs With summer winding down, it’s time to think about getting back into the routine of an activity-filled fall. The challenge, of course, will be making time to keep up your fitness routine as school season kicks into high gear. So we talked to 5 of the busiest moms

What’s all the flap about: How to get sculpted arms fast

Author: titleboxingclubs Tight, toned arms are the key to looking good in…well…anything in the summertime. And the hardest part to hit is that trouble area right in the back of the arms. If you plan to ditch the jiggle, you’re going to need exercises that specifically target your biceps, triceps

How to Get the Best Workout and Lose Weight

Author: the-agent-carter First and foremost, I am NOT a licensed personal trainer.  I would advise all of you to seek a medical professional’s opinion, before trying any dietary or exercise tips I’m providing here.  Everything written here is based on my own personal experience and what I’ve learned from several personal trainers.  However, that does […]

Back to School Shopping Secrets

Author: financevisionary If you’ve actually got youngsters, then you’ve actually got two really expensive seasons where shopping feels like it gets a little out of control: the winter holiday season and everybody’s favorite fall shopping madness: back-to-school period. Back-to-school is one time of year in certain that can highlight the worst in frantic families trying […]

Smart tips for Smart Moms in Preparing Your Kids’ Lunch

Author: thebaginvestigator Smart tips for Smart moms in preparing your kids’ lunch School season is coming, and with it comes the task that often falls on moms’ shoulders: preparing their kids’ school stuff, especially their packed lunch. It’s no simple chore – as children can be picky about what they eat. But here are a few […]

Preparing for Kindergarten

Author: themomsandthecity While nursery school and preschool are both important, they ultimately serve as stepping stones to get your child ready for the “Big K” – kindergarten. The first “official” level in grade school, kindergarten can sometimes be a big step from pre-k – not only for your