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10 Empowering Ways to Boost Retirement Savings After You Turn 50

Author: financevisionary Since your very first task – and possibly even prior to – you’ve actually been told that it’s important to save for the future. But back then, the thought and feelings of being 50 years old was a life time away and there were more pressing things to do such as go out […]
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Do Self-Employment and Early Retirement Go Hand in Hand?

Author: gabbrilee96 Being your own boss comes with certain risks, but also plenty of freedoms — including the ability to sock away more tax-deferred money for retirement. Photo: Nosha In 2012, I left a steady and rewarding 9-5 job to pursue my side hustle full-time. While it’s true I had gotten extremely tired of working […]

Homeownership and Its Impact on Wealth at Retirement Age

In the United States, the average age of the first time home buyer is 31, with the likelihood of that reaching 32 or 33 over the next few years. Millenials are waiting longer than prior generations to purchase their first home, often waiting for marriage and kids before putting down those roots. Did you know […]

“Walk On Water” With These Awesome Floor Designs!!

Author: oddlymoot New Post has been published on http://oddlymoot.com/2015/05/11/3d-epoxy-flooring-lets-you-set-the-scene-of-any-room-in-your-home/ 3D epoxy flooring lets you set the scene of any room in your home Why not turn your living room into a beach, or your bedroom into a forest?  This is pretty awesome, but only for about 5 minutes.  What we need is a digital solution […]
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Newest Backyard Trend: Catios

Okay, Catios? When I first read the word “catios” I thought I was reading another language. Perhaps pronounced “Ca-she-oh’s”. If you’re up with the latest trend in backyard spaces, you probably already know what a Catio is. But, I did not. So what is a Catio? A Catio is basically a patio area for cats. […]

The Ten Commandments of Buying a Home

The busiest season of Real Estate is in full swing. For those of you searching for your new home, follow these TEN COMMANDMENTS for buying a home. The smallest misstep could totally derail your homebuying dreams.   List your home for sale by owner at FreeRealtyOnline.com for FREE!! Homes for Sale by Owners List Your Home in the […]

Try the BEST Steak Marinade EVER

I’m a steak fan. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with steak. My husband, until a few years ago, was NOT a steak fan.  His love of steak began when some friends had us over and made steaks on the grill. They had marinated their steak beforehand in a lovely concoction. The result […]

28 Awful Real Estate Photos… Do NOT Follow Their Lead

When you go to sell your home, putting photos up online of your property is a really important thing to do. Of course, when those photos are taken, you want your home to be seen in the best light possible. You want your home looking its best and you want the photos used to show […]

How to Make Your Own Air Conditioner

Author: gojiro Since summer is here, I thought I’d try to build a cooling rig to cut down on A/C usage to save energy and money. So here’s what I did;I bought a 20″ box fan, a small garden pond water pump, a length of copper coil, vinyl tubing

11 Refreshing Drink Recipes for Summer

Author: teatime-with-sabrina-and-violet Mint Grapefruit ½ grapefruit (sliced) ½ lemon (sliced) ½ lime (sliced) 1 cup cucumber (sliced) A few peppermint leaves ½ gallon water A few ice cubes, if desired orange cucumber mint water   Fresh mint leaves ½ orange (sliced into wedges) ½ cucumber (sliced into wedges) water Hawaiian Kiwi Lime Water 2 Limes […]