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Back to School Tip: 5 Things to Look For in a Backpack

Author: themomsandthecity School days! Our friends at All You share tips for buying your child a backpack. When you’re shopping for a backpack, look for these important features: * Wide, padded shoulder straps. Make sure your child uses both straps, because slinging a backpack over just one shoulder can

How to Keep Your Kids Learning During Summer Break

Author: juniorexplorers Without the kids in school, it might be a little daunting to keep them entertained AND learning all summer long. Fear not! We have some helpful tips to keep your kids brains and bodies active this summer! Read every day! Building your child’s reading skills is important. Without the structure of school, your […]

Top 3 Reasons NOW Is The Time to Sell Your Home

If you want to sell your home, don’t delay.  It seems that now is a great time to do it. What makes 2015 such a great year for selling your home? Well… there are 3 reasons.   High Demand – It seems that right now, there is a large pool of buyers looking for homes. […]

Paddle Boarding Tips and Tricks

Author: muscleintensity Most people assume that paddle boarding is a difficult sport that takes years to master, but this simply isn’t true. If you are willing to put forth the time and effort, you can learn how to standup and move around on a paddle board in no time

How To Save Money on Your Vacation

Author: allmyfriendsarehouses How To: Save Money on Vacation This past week, Fangirls, I went on a unbelievable vacation. I had been planning it for nearly a year, but when the time came for the trip, I was as broke as ever. We had been saving, but my girlfriend & I both lost our source of income, […]

27 Kids Crafts to Keep Children Busy Through Summer Break

Author: sheissewcreative 27 Kids Crafts to Keep Children Busy Through Summer Break This morning, Bean and I were on That Talk Show talking about fun kids crafts for summer. We shared 4 projects from Hello Creative Family that Bean adores. We had so much fun hanging out with Bianca and Peter and helping them “get their […]

A Woman Saw a Child in a Hot Car and Decided to Step In by Smashing the Window

Author: themomsandthecity Kristy Scales was in a Kansas shopping center parking lot on Saturday when she heard people screaming and saw crowding around a vehicle – a 2-year-old was locked in the car. She immediately ran closer to the car, which had the windows rolled up and started recording a

Want to Camp, but… Don’t Want to Camp? Then GLAMP! ;)

Author: realtorpegsd Not Up For Camping Out? Try Glamping … :~) …Moscow, Idaho Via maryjanesfarm.org Moscow, Idaho (Photo Two) Via maryjanesfarm.org Sleeping on the ground in a tent is so 20th century.  When you combine “camping” with “glamorous”, you get Glamping.  Otherwise known as civilized camping. courtesy of: 

26 Great DIY Vintage Decorating Ideas

Vintage is in. DIY is in. There are tutorials all over pinterest for making charming DIY decorations for any occasion. Click the link below to view 26 unique, vintage DIY projects to decorate your home with! http://www.nevaramk.com/25-spectacular-diy-ideas-for-repurposing-old-stuff-into-amazing-vintage-decor.html   List your home for sale by owner at FreeRealtyOnline.com for FREE!! Homes for Sale by Owners List Your Home in […]

Did YOU Learn These 9 Financial Lessons People Learn in High School?

Author: financevisionary Whether it be in the class or through reality experience, high schoolers get the opportunity to learn and use a great deal of the basic tenets of individual finance and finance. A few of them apply and retain the details, while others ignore, forgets or simply misunderstand it. Which way did you go? […]