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13 Water Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Author: dadgabblog 13 Water Safety Tips All Parents Should Know With Summer around the corner, The U.S. Swim School Association has released a list of water safety tips every that every parent should know. Drowning is the second most common cause of death for children under 5 years of age. Children can drown in as little […]

5 Swim Safety Tips

Author: ufhealth Summer is the time for sun, fun and splashing in pools, springs and oceans. Make your summer a healthy one with these tips for safe, healthy swim sessions. Don’t drink the water! Pool water contains remnants of lotions, cosmetics and soaps; the equivalent of 2 soda cans of sweat; and up to a […]

5 Easy DIY Weekend Projects Under $300

Author: mainypc By: John Riha ake advantage with one or more of these 5 great projects you can easily pull off for under $300. Effort: Low 3-5 hrs (assemble kit and inst… Investment: Low $250 (garden arbor kit) You can find kits to assemble garden arbors for $200 to $300

10 Tips for Bringing Summer to Your Front Porch

Author: stealmag 10 Tips for Bringing Spring to Your Front Porch As spring makes its way into view, people get out and about, going for drives and walks and bike rides. The sunshine is addicting for every age. But with all those eyes outdoors, we can’t get away with minimal front porches anymore. Winter has taken […]

15 DIY Planters To Display On Your Front Porch

Author: stealmag 15 DIY Planters For Your Front Porch While it may seem small and insignificant, styling your front porch can greatly increase the value of your home. Pillows are great and chairs are a necessity, but an outdoor space isn’t complete without a pot or two of plants or flowers. A little green brings life […]

6 Easy Steps in Designing Your Garden

Author: nustone When it comes to revamping your outside space, there are many things to consider, especially if you’re planning on designing it yourself. Being your own architect can save a lot of money, but the amount of things to consider and plan for can put a lot of people off. So what are the […]

Practice Safety While Repairing Roofs

Author: internetbillboards How to be safe while Repairing roofs One of the primary things that you need to be sure of when it concerns home care is proper roofing maintenance. Even a small fault can sometimes lead to dire consequences. Rain, dust, rodents etc can make their way into your home and cause damage to your […]

Teach Your Young Children How to be Safe

Author: julie-serrano New Post has been published on http://www.lovecutekids.com/teach-your-kids-how-to-be-street-smart/ Teach Your Kids How to Be Street Smart. Do you know how to be street smart? Being street smart means knowing how to keep yourself safe from strangers when you’re alone or with other kids. Whether you’re walking to school or to the bus, hanging out […]

Keep Your Dogs Safe This Summer

Author: thebookfandomofawesome Since summer is fast approaching, I feel like there needs to be a reminder for all dog owners out there. It is going to (and in some places, already has) become WAY too hot outside to leave your dog in a car, even with windows rolled down. “When temperatures outside reach 70 degrees, […]

Low-cost DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Author: kassimeg Low-cost Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Home Improvement House renewal or rearranging used to fall into most expensive actions for which house owners have to set a bunch of money aside, what makes those home projects one of the biggest household costs people face with. Whether your home need full refreshment or it just has to […]