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Survive and Conquer: A Guide to Surviving the Wild

Author: prepperjournal Survive and Conquer: A Newbie’s Guide to Surviving the Wild Though we all want to live, most of us do not have the skills to conquer a world where the adage “Survival of the Fittest” is a daily task. We have been too complacent with the idea of comfort that a slight inconvenience is […]

10 Safety and Survival Tips

Author: howtocatchthesehands Written by a Cop for our own safety Very good information for women about safety tactics. Pass it on to all who will be interested please, it may help one of us one day!! Everyone should take 5 minutes to read this. It may save your life or

Simple Homekeeping Decluttering Tips

Author: margarettesta Seller’s Tip: Begin with decluttering I know its not a fun subject, but it is something many of us struggle with.  The first step to staging your home for sale is to declutter.  The less stuff you have around the easier your home will be to show

Tips To Make Life a Little Easier For A Busy Mom

Author: amayachika Tips To Make Things Easier For A Busy Mom As a Fashionista Mom as far as I know, you’re avoiding to spend to much buying clothes same as how to preserve the clothes you buy.  Tips To Make Things Easier For A Busy Mom.View On WordPress

How to Create A Workspace For Two

Author: designed-for-life Shared workspace designs involve plenty of planning and often a hint of compromise here and there. We all work in different ways and there is no one-fit-all solution when it comes to shared workstation designs. Twin workstations do not mean creating two desks with laptops and identical table
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The Wrong Curtains Can Sabotage A Sale!

Window Treatments seem like such a small detail when you’re selling your home. But they should definitely not be overlooked!  You may not believe it, but the wrong window treatments can potentially ruin your chances of selling your home. Why?   Having the wrong shades, curtains, blinds, etc. in your home can make a room […]

9 Unexpected Ways to Save Energy

Author: margarettesta   9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers Here are a few surprising and simple ways to cut your energy bill this season. Read If you or someone you know are planning to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate please call, text or email me today! 617-820-4136 or

Thinking of buying a home? Improving your credit is a great place to start!

Author: margarettesta Thinking of buying a home? Improving your credit is a great place to start! 7 Tips for Improving Your Credit Here’s how to clean up your credit so you get the least-expensive home loan possible. Read If you or someone you know are planning to buy, sell or invest

Build The Home Of Your Dreams

Author: 3rdsword If you are unsure about how to do things, home improvement can be difficult. A little wise advice can often start you off on the right path. The home improvement tips contained in this article can give you just that kind of direction, especially if you’re relatively new to home improvement. Add a […]

10 Things You Should Do To Your Home This Spring

Author: executivehomesrealtyinc Written by Jaymi Naciri We’re all aware of the idea of Spring cleaning (whether or not we do it – we mean REALLY do it – is another story). If you’re ready to delve in, we’ve got some tips for Spring cleaning, plus a few other