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INDUSTRY SECRET: The Perfect Time to Put Your Home on the Market Is….

  Is there any certain time of the year that’s best to list a house for sale? The answer, simply put is: the best time to list your home for sale by owner is as soon as you decide to sell it!   If you want to get the best price for your house, and […]

10 Steps to Make Your Home More Sellable

If you’re trying to sell your home for sale by owner (or with a realtor), you need to make sure your home is ready for people to see. Presentation is everything. Make a good impression on Buyers by taking these 10 simple steps!   Get Rid of Clutter –You want Buyers to be able to […]
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5 Low Cost Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Looking for some low cost ways to improve your home?  We’ve got some suggestions that just might help!   A big thing for a lot of people…. The KITCHEN!  You can completely change and improve the look of your kitchen by simply painting your cabinets and adding new handles or knobs to them. To ultimately […]

The Dangers of Falling In Love (With Real Estate)

Having never gone through the process before, first-time home buyers are at greater risk of falling in love too soon with real estate.  But whether we’re first time buyers or we’ve done this before – it’s important to remember NOT to fall in love too quickly.   It may be the first house you’ve looked […]

Do You REALLY Need A Home Inspection?

That question is a common one among Buyers come offer time. Though we can’t tell you what to do, we must say that it’s never a bad idea to get your potential home inspected. There are a number of reasons why getting an inspection is a smart idea.   The most important reason for getting […]

How to Find Out What Your Neighbor’s House Sold For

You probably recognize that how much other homes in your neighborhood are selling for has an impact on what your own home will sell for if you choose to sell it.  That being the case, perhaps you wish to find out how much your neighbor’s house sold for to get an idea of your home’s […]

Is Renting to Own a Good Option for You?

  When one couple found out that homes prices and down payment amounts were out of their reach, their hopes to buy their first home had been dashed. That’s when they decided to go a different route with the owners of the home they loved.  They asked the owner to consider a lease-option, where they’d […]

7 Big Mistakes Home Sellers Make

We’ve outlined many things Sellers must do in order to sell their homes for sale by owner. However, there are also several things Sellers should make sure they do NOT do… things which many indeed do. It’s very important to avoid the things listed below. Real estate broker and author of the book “A Survival […]

How To Correctly Price Your Home for Sale

You want to sell your home for sale by owner, so you may be wondering how to price your home for sale.   According to the National Association of REALTORS®, in 2010 <a href=”http://freerealtyonline.com” target=”_blank”>For Sale by Owner</a> sales accounted for 9% of the home sales.  It was noted that the most difficult task for […]

Appraisers Don’t Create the Market, They Reflect It!

An appraiser’s responsibility is to be objective and to reflect market conditions as they understand it.  You might think of an appraiser as a mirror of activity.  Market forces shape and influence values.  The appraiser’s job is to reflect the Buyers’ and Sellers’ motivation regarding the properties that are being studied.   Appraisers arrive at […]