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5 Tips On Managing Your Credit Cards

Author: amuslima 5 Tips On Managing Your Credit Cards It is a challenge to have a credit card with no interest, especially if you live in a region that does not have a Shariah bank that provides a credit card based on Islamic principles. On the other hand, transactions completed with credit cards make cardholders feel more comfortable as […]
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Communication: A Lost Art?

Author: youngandamerican With the rise of technology and the ability to make a point in 140 characters or less our basic communication skill have grown dull. We’ve traded real conversation in for a quick text reply or a selfie. I visit Disney World and four out of five family members

How One Former Spendthrift Learned To Save 40% Of Her Income

Author: financevisionary I have never been great at saving. I am a spender – shoes, trips, nights out, you name it. It’s a reality that became especially apparent to me when I found myself saddled with $10,000 of charge card financial obligation after finishing from college. Despite this fact, I chose to relocate to New […]

Five Acts of Kindness to Do With Your Kids

Author: mymetaworld List your home for sale by owner at FreeRealtyOnline.com for FREE!! List Your Home in Your Local Multiple Listing Service with a Flat Fee MLS Listing  Homes for Sale by Owners Simple Ways To Grow Your Portfolio With Foreign Exchange Bears Chicago Bears – 2014-09-14 Update #1 DIY Storage Shelves in the Attic A Month of […]

Family Activities to Fight Post-Holiday Boredom

Author: savingsangel New Post has been published on https://savingsangel.com/blog/2015/01/04/busting-post-holiday-boredom/ Busting Post-Holiday Boredom After the holidays, there is always kind of a let down from the whirlwind of activities. Boredom seems to set in quickly, especially for children. And after all that holiday spending, the budget for going and doing might be a bit slim. But […]

How to Get Your Kids Involved In Making Their Own Cosplay

Has cosplay become a hobby for YOUR entire family? Official blogger Miss Nessa from 2 Dorks in Love shares her tips for getting kids involved with MAKING their own cosplay. Read more: http://goo.gl/HO49b2Do you have a kids cosplay tip you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments!

Smart Budgeting Tips For Your Home

Author: financevisionary Home budgeting is an essential subject which is discussed by practically everybody eventually of time. Nowadays are the times when income enhances at the speed of turtles and the expenditures skyrockets at the speed of hare. It is very important that you make the hare rest prior to the dead line (and make […]

How to Make Your Own Trendy Striped Drapes

DIY striped drapes…love these. click HERE to find out how to make them!

Are Tree Roots Invading Your Home

Author: bouldenbrothers                              Tree roots are a common cause of drain line clogs, especially in older homes. Some people don’t know that they have older pipes and that the pipes in their yard or nearby have
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From One Mom to Another… How to Deal With Your Toddler’s Tantrums

You may remember from a recent post that I am a mom of a nearly 3 year old boy.  We hear all the time about the “terrible twos”, right?  Well I’ve heard that there is a less-known fact. The “3’s” are MORE terrible.   I’m finding this to be correct.   As a 2 year […]