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Cornstarch pellets + water = Fun Kid Craft

Cornstarch pellets + water = fun toddler craft

Is Your Teen Prepared? Discuss These Five Accident Scenarios Today

Author: ericabuteau Is Your Teen Prepared? Discuss These Five Accident Scenarios Today Becoming more independent can be fun and exciting for your teen. Stepping out into the world, trying new things and enjoying new experiences without constant parental supervision can be a great feeling. However, sometimes during these times away from

Six Easy Ways to Get Your Little Ones to Eat “The Good Stuff”

Author: dearbaby As my children’s tastes change and they grow increasingly picky with the foods they eat, I’ve discovered a few tricks to get maximum nutritional value out of their diets and I thought it might be helpful for other parents too. I know there are whole cookbooks

Parenting Tips: Decorating a Teenager’s Bedroom

Author: drrandycale (Image Source: blogspot.com) This Parenting Tips gives you ideas for decorating a teenager’s bedroom. As you are probably already aware teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom. They see it as their space and it gives them somewhere where there they can get a degree of privacy. The décor and furniture […]

Social Activities for Confident Teenagers

Author: drrandycale (Image Source: drugabuse.gov) As your child reaches their teenage years the activities they tend to enjoy with their friends change. At this age they also start to become more and more interested in the opposite sex and so will be looking out for activities that can be enjoyed by both sexes. »Read More […]

Christmas Toddler Crafting!

Author: pearlandjewel This Christmas season was extra fun now that the girls are 3. They were eager to dive into anything crafty and creative. I bought some wooden birdhouses at the craft store for less than $1.00 a piece. The girls painted them and glittered them up. Then we embellished them! They were such a […]
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Drip Dry: 11 Kitchens with Wall-Mounted Dish Racks

Author: sarahsitar Spotted (and admired) lately: kitchens with wall-mounted dish racks; especially useful for the holiday season. Read more More Stories from Remodelista An Artful Sweep: Display-Worthy Household Brooms Gift Guide: For the French Chef Nostalgia Now: New Kitchen Basics from Falconware from Remodelista http://ift.tt/12bajGb via Sarah Sitar Interior

How to Avoid Home Buying Horrors

Author: niagrarealtysource How to Avoid Home Buying Horrors7 mistakes to avoid when buying a home prepare so that you don’t have nightmares later 1. Make sure your lender has done their appraisal of your home Just because you are pre-approved for financing, it does not mean you will get your money

Clean Up Your Credit Report, Then Buy That Home!

Author: realastute By Kevin Reid Shirley For anyone who has looked into to buying a home several times — but kept getting discouraged every time because of a negative credit report — read on: You probably already know that you are not alone — but so what? — it’s small

Real Estate Investing: A Solution For Looming Financial Burden

Author: cthomes New Post has been published on http://www.cthomesllc.com/2014/11/real-estate-investing-solution-looming-financial-burden/ Real Estate Investing: A Solution For Looming Financial Burden Real estate investing could be far more important to Generation X than most realize. So what unexpected financial burden is hiding in the shadows for this population? How can investing