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What Is a “Short Sale”?

As foreclosure rates have climbed over the past few years, we’ve also seen an increase in short sales.  With the increase in short sales, more and more want to know: Just what is a short sale in real estate?   A short sale is when the lending institution from which you have your mortgage agrees […]
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Should I Make Major Improvement to My Home Before Selling It?  

It’s important to remember that simply making minor adjustments in your home (like fresh paint, new door knobs, de-cluttering, etc.) can make a difference in how soon your house sells and the price it sells for.  But what about doing major improvements to your home? Would it be worth your investments?   There are some […]

What To Do With That Hideous Gift You Got That You’ll (Sad-to-Say) Never Use?

Your sweet, ever-thoughtful family member has given you an impractical, or hideous, or unwanted and soon-to-be shelved gift. What do you do with this unwanted gift?   There are some obvious things you can do.  Many retailers offer gift receipts. If your gift came with a gift receipt, return it to the store. Even if […]

Things to Know About Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA Loans

Here are some articles for you to check out about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the current position of banks and lending… Good to know if you are thinking of buying a home. Click the links to view the full articles. Washington Post – Why has Congress left housing to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac […]
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How to Give Yourself That “Dream” Closet

If your closet looks anything like mine (and I sure hope I’m not alone in this!), it needs some serious re-organizing! It’s funny how just a simple closet can be such a big deal for us. We may not all have a huge walk-in dream closet, but we all can turn our closets into somewhat […]
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4 Secrets to Decorating a Tiny Home

This is an article after my own heart. I live in a 670 square foot house.  I love it. While small and “efficient”, I find it very charming. But with small homes come some challenges. (Besides the challenge of where to put the baby, that is. :)) One of those challenges is decorating.  How do […]

HELP!! How to Increase My Home’s Energy Efficiency and DECREASE My Bills?

It’s that time of year…. The dreaded winter.  For many of us that means cold and snow outside and curling up on the couch under a blanket inside.  For some of us, this time of year also serves as a wake-up call to the energy efficiency of our homes. How do you keep the cold […]

Toddler Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are all finished and written and I’m so pleased with how this year’s turned out. I took a few different ideas from Pinterest and then pimped them up with some festive washi tape, because a craft is not complete unless there’s some washi tape slapped

Making Homemade “Play-Doh” For Your Little One

Homemade Play dough or “Play-Doh”The weather here has been much chillier than usual. We love it, but taking a toddler and a newborn…View Post

Improving Relationships With Teenagers

Author: drrandycale (Image Source: parentingnation.in) 3 important points on how to improve relationships with teenagers by Parenting.co.uk. * How Praise Can Break the Negative Cycle * How Forward Planning Helps * How to Deal With a Problem »Read More Author: drrandycale Visit FreeRealtyOnline.com to list your home for sale by owner for free! Cat Cartoon Vegan Cheese […]