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Turn Your Door Into A Snowman

Snowman on We Heart It.

Let’s Make Cookies!

It’s cookie making time! I’d love to try to make some like this; my 2 year old would love them! 🙂 But then again, he’s really not discriminatory against cookies (or sweets of any kind!) Author: love-every-day-of-life Visit FreeRealtyOnline.com to list your home for sale by owner for free FREE Forex Strategy For H4 Timeframe That Captures […]

Snow Is Beautiful

Well, it’s November. And for a lot of us, Winter came really early! For a lot of us, this is NOT a happy thing, and all we can think is…. “AHHHHHH…. this is going to be one LOOOOOOOOOOONG winter…. ” Bears aren’t the only ones who hibernate! A lot of us go into hibernation mode […]

Make “Heart Attack Potatoes” For Thanksgiving

Author: lanagay Remember chain letters? Man, they use to be so frustrating for people like me who are superstitious/ afraid of being cursed/ never having a boyfriend/ friend/ whatever threat was posed if you didn’t pass it on. And back then you had to buy stamps to pass on the chain letter! The worst. Today […]
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Raising Boys Versus Raising Girls

Author: drrandycale A 4 minutes and 59 seconds video clip about Today Tonight – Raising Boys Versus Raising Girls.Learn & Enjoy Watching!

Winter Mudroom Storage Tips

Use these winter mudroom storage tips to keep your mudroom tidy and organized, no matter how messy the weather. http://www.storagemasters.net/mudroom-storage-tips-winter

How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter!

Winter-Prep Your Home If you are like me, right about now you are enjoying taking out some warmer coats, scarves, and sweaters to “winter-prep” yourself for the cooler months ahead. Stash a few colorful umbrellas by the garage door, and perhaps some galoshes, and you probably feel ready to

creamy mushroom soup with shiitakevia

creamy mushroom soup with shiitakevia julia’s album

Winter Orientated Go Bag/Kit (Part 1, the Needs)

Author: themodernviking     So you live in a place where it snows.      Or gets really, really cold in the winter. Or summer even.  And you think you should be prepared for the cold weather.      Orginally, I was making this article to talk

Staging a House for Sale

Author: mississaugapainting Staging a House for SaleStaging a House for Sale Has Good Reasons . When a prospective buyer walks in and sees and smells new carpet and fresh paint, they don’t have strain their imaginations looking past everything. When you force potential buyers to look past things, it usually ends up costing