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(Idiot Proof) 5-Ingredient Puppy Chow… YUM

(Idiot Proof) 5-Ingredient Puppy Chow Ritz Cracker Cookies | Half Baked Harvest
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An Amazing Article For All Toddler-Rearing Parents Out There

Author: daughterbecomesmother This is an amazing post! Though I don’t agree with all of it, most of it I do! It is so refreshing to know that we aren’t alone in how we have chosen to raise our kids! It you have a toddler or almost toddler, read this! http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/blogs/andrea-nair-button-pushing/20130407/thriving-with-a-toddler Author: daughterbecomesmother Visit FreeRealtyOnline.com to list your […]

3 Tips to Burn Holiday Calories

Author: precisiontherapymt One of the most important things I have learned in the strength and conditioning world over the last decade is this: talking exercise physiology with the average person WILL make them want to take a nap. Saying “gluconeogenesis” or “lactate threshold” is very similar to giving them Nyquil. Once

Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts with Celeb Chef, George Duran

Author: blogdirtywaternews Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts with Celeb Chef, George DuranThanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts with Celeb Chef, George Duran        Always allow the turkey to rest for at least 20 minutes once it’s removed from the oven before carving it. It’s easier to hold the turkey parts properly and assures that
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The Official Kitchensurfing Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Author: kitchensurfing Here’s Kitchensurfing’s guide to the perfect brined, rubbed, and stuffed bird, courtesy of Il Buco sous chef Tim Piazza: ITALIAN-AMERICAN THANKSGIVING TURKEYby Tim Piazza 1. THE BRINE INGREDIENTS1 turkey, 8-10 pounds2 gallons water2 cups Kosher salt1 cup granulated sugar1 fennel bulb, split1 white onion, split1 head of garlic

Beautiful Winter Scenery… Yes… Another Reminder ;)

⛄ on We Heart It.

Just A Reminder… Snow is Beautiful

My friend took this picture yesterday

Broccoli & Cheese Recipe & Tips For Planning a Holiday Party

Author: jennsblahblahblog Broccoli & Cheese Recipe & Tips For Planning a Holiday Party #sponsoredThis post brought to you by SOLO® Brand Products. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://jennsblahblahblog.com/. I’m excited for the holidays because it means family, friends, and fun.  We recently had our first

Teaching Your Daughter the Right Way to Be Vain

Author: vain-pursuits There’s no one guide to raising a daughter, but there are lots of helpful hints. Now more than ever, young girls are bombarded with images and messages that aren’t necessarily positive, and it’s easier than ever to feel less than beautiful. Mothers should encourage and celebrate their daughters

How We Love – Parents & Children

Author: jackieforero Photo courtesy of lotuspocusfocus.com I saw it happening at the park yesterday while I took the baby I nanny for to the park.  It was a seemingly ordinary occurrence, but for me, it was a lightbulb that went off in my head. I finally understood something