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Creepy Crawl Spaces

Author: servicelegends If you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, we have the perfect idea! You can spend Halloween day getting intimately familiar with your dirty, cobwebby crawl spaces and emerge as a believable zombie.      When it comes to crawl spaces, there’s the good, the

Understanding Asbestos – What It Is & How It’s Dangerous

You’ve likely heard of asbestos and the danger it poses. However, what is asbestos? What are its dangers and why? We’ve done the research for you and summarized some helpful information. It’s always a good idea to educate yourself to potential health risks in your home. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that can only be […]
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24 Inexpensive DIY Kitchen Basksplash Tips & Tutorials

Author: decor10 New Post has been published on http://decor10blog.com/decorating-ideas/24-low-expense-diy-kitchen-backsplash-tips-and-tutorials.html24 Low-Expense DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips And Tutorials While backsplash serves a practical goal of guarding the wall, they also improves the visual appeal of your kitchen. If you’re excitedly preparing a new Low-cost backsplash for your kitchen, you could

12 Creative Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Author: stealmag 12 Creative Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas Backsplashes are a necessity for kitchens, not only to keep your painted walls clean but also to add a unique design touch to a space you’re going to spend a whole lot of time. From bold pops of color to graphic patterns, tile can take your kitchen to […]

How to Create a Faux Hand Painted Tile Backsplash

Author: thediyguru New Post has been published on http://thediyguru.com/?p=293718How to Create a Faux Hand Painted Tile BacksplashLove the look of hand painted tile? Try this easy DIY alternative that you can paint in an afternoon. This pattern may look a little complicated, but it has …

Your Guide to Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Author: twilightgrayhome With our guide of How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets you’ll get a great result! Save money, refinish your own cabinets!

Attic Renovation

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3 Easy Fixes For a Leaky Home

Author: universalhomeexperts Your house is probably leaking way too much conditioned air out of your home and you don’t even realize it. Home improvement doesn’t come cheap; but, there are small things you can do to save you lots of money on your energy bill. We are going
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5 Ways to Improve Homeowners Energy Efficiency Outdoors

Author: environmentguru When most people think about ways to save energy in their home, their minds first go to insulation. It makes sense that homeowners would want to focus on insulation—after all, when you minimize air leaks, you can cut down on your http://bit.ly/1qbDJJk Author: environmentguru  To list your home for sale by owner online […]

Energy Efficiency in Newly Built Homes

Author: mevhomes Energy Efficiency in Newly Built Homes Builder Trade In North Atlanta The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team 678-866-1935 With the winter months approaching, and some areas of the country will get cold pretty soon, heating costs will be on people’s minds.  They can potentially save thousands of dollars